Marianna Płaszczykowska  ‏(I1940)‏
Given Names: Marianna
Surname: Płaszczykowska
Married Name: Marianna Chrzanowska

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: before 1883 , , , , Polska
Personal Facts and Details
Birth before 1883 , , , , Polska

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Immediate Family  (F745)
Marcin Chrzanowski
1883 -
Julianna Chrzanowska
1883 -


Your Name: Andrew Rogowski
Email Address:

Hi, My name is Andrew Rogowski and I'm working on my family tree. We seem to have common ancestors. My grandmother's mother was Marianna Plaszczykowska from Szubin.

My father was Stephanie and Helen's cousin. I'd like to get some info on the Plaszczykowski side of my family. BTW my wife and I had we visited Helena shortly before she passed away. 847 226 7746

Hi Hank,

It was good talking to you. Attached is a copy of the certificate we talked about. Julianna Chrzanowska was my grandmother. As you can see, her mother was Marianna Plaszczykowska...

Andrew :)

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Close Relatives
Family with Marcin Chrzanowski
Marcin Chrzanowski ‎(I1941)‎
Birth before 1883
Marianna Płaszczykowska ‎(I1940)‎
Birth before 1883 , , , , Polska
Julianna Chrzanowska ‎(I1937)‎
Birth 14 May 1883 Barcin, Barcin, żniński, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Polska